All children may arrive at school from 8:45am onwards and should be here by 8:55 ready for Registration at 9:00am. School finishes at 3:15pm. Please note that these hours are changing in the Spring term 2024 to Registration at 8:50am and school finishing at 3:20pm.

Lunch is from 12:00 – 1:00pm.

Start of the day

Children in Acorn Class should be taken to the back gate leading from the Mulgrave car park, where a member of staff will be waiting to bring your child into school.

Children in Oak and Willow classes should be brought to the playground, where a member of staff will be waiting to receive them and let them into school.

End of the day

Children in Acorn Class will be brought to the back gate by a member of staff.  Parents of Oak and Willow children should wait on the playground and children will be dismissed from the school door into your care by a member of staff.   Please let the office know in advance if an adult other than the ones on your “who may collect my child from school” form is going to pick your child up: we are not allowed to hand over children to anyone who is not previously agreed.  We will always check; thank you for your patience while we do this.

For safety, please park carefully in the Mulgrave Sports Centre car park, or opposite The Stiddy in the village and walk up.  If you are using the Mulgrave car park, please drive dead slow, use extreme caution and supervise your child carefully at all times.

Please do not bring cars into the main school car park or drop off/collect from the yellow zig zag area.