Lythe School Governing Body

Lythe School Governing Body

We are fortunate to have a fantastic Governing Body at Lythe Primary School, please go to the bottom of the page and click the link ‘Lythe Governing Body’ to view who we have on board, and their different roles.

What Do Governors Do?

The Governors’ work affects most aspects of the school’s life and work.  Governors establish a long-term strategic plan for the school, which is then put into practice by the Headteacher.  They establish how many staff are employed in the school and take part in interviewing and appointing candidates, including appointing a Headteacher.  The Governors also deal with school Finances and Premises matters, including Health and Safety,

Governors also have responsibilities such as ensuring the National Curriculum is taught in accordance with the regulations, including drawing up policies relating to Sex Education and charging for School visits.  Collectively they monitor the curriculum and provision for Special Educational Needs and all governors have a duty to ensure that all aspects of safeguarding are sound.

More generally, Governors are expected to be in touch with the local community and to help guide the school to meet the community’s educational needs. They are also expected to help the school explain to the community what the school is trying to achieve for their children.

If you have any matters which you would like to bring to the Governors attention please approach them or write to the Chair of Governors:, or via telephone to the school on 01947 893373.

Do Parent Governors Have Special Responsibilities?

No.  Parent Governors do not have ‘extra’ duties.  All governors are equally responsible and discharge their responsibilities as a body, not individually.  The Parent Governors speak as parents: they can’t speak for all parents.

Record of Governors’ Work

Minutes of all Full Governing body meetings are available on request from the school office. If you would like to see one or more sets of Minutes, please email or telephone 01947 893373 to request a copy by email or a hard copy.