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 Sports Funding

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The benefits of encouraging children to participate in sport are well documented and at Lythe we use our Sports Funding to meet the Sports Premium Key Outcomes:

1) to give children the opportunity to form good lifelong habits of taking part in physical activity through regular opportunities for quality activities, both as part of curriculum time and during self-directed time such as breaks and lunchtimes, and after school.

2) to use sporting and other physical activities to encourage children to make good choices about behaviour in school, to uphold British Values of mutual respect and individual liberty and improve our SMSC provision by giving children the opportunity to take genuine responsibility.

 3) to improve training and resources so that our present provision is consolidated and sustainability is ensured.

 4) to increase the range of activities offered so that all children have the opportunity to find a physical activity that they enjoy are are able to excel at.

5) to increase participation so that all children have the opportunity to compete widely without the disadvantages sometimes attached to living in a rural location.

 Sports Premium Plan for 2016-17

The school will receive £8,370.  Details of how funding is calculated can be found here.

Item         Cost  Intended Impact

Continued participation in school sports partnership, including transport to events.


Continued participation in wide 

variety of sports; links with providers

to support children in pursuing sports

out of school.

Continued use of sports coaches with particular purpose of developing staff skills in assessment and target-setting in PE.

£1000 Excellent progress in PE for all groups of children, including the most able and those with barriers to participation.
Development of swimming provision. Staff training as swimming coaches; swimming additional to curriculum entitlement so that children start younger and attend lessons more frequently.     £2500 All children to meet age-related expectations by the end of Year 6. More able children to make good progress. Link with provider to support children in pursuing swimming out of school.

Purchase of equipment:

1) skipping and other equipment to support initiatives such as Skip 2B Fit to take place at break and lunchtimes.   

 2) multiskills equipment for use in curricular lessons.


All children engage in active playtimes. Fitness levels have positive impact on curricular PE progress and attainment.


Good progress in lessons and over time as children secure a range of transferable skills which will support their chosen sport or activity.




 Sports Premium Plan and Evaluation for 2015-16

Item Cost Intended impact and Evaluation
Continued participation in the School Sports Partnership  

Widening participation and overcoming barriers of location by sharing good quality provision with other schools. Continue last year's excellent level of participation in events which was equal to that of large town schools. Continued excellent participation in variety of sports events for all groups of children. This is comparable with much larger schools in the area and we intend to continue this link next year.

CPD for staff to improve quality of curricular PE teaching and provision in after-school clubs; new clubs to be offered (eg gymnastics and hockey Spring 2016); focus on widening participation for KS1 children. Good participation in range of sports by KS1 children. Coaches, with appropriate qualifications for training teachers, have been used this year to upskill staff in new curriculum demands.

Transport to events   Overcome barriers of location and widen participation, including in regional finals. See above notes on excellent participation in events, including further afield.
Specialist sports coaches who hold national qualification for teaching teachers    Improvement in quality of curricular PE teaching and all pupils to show good progress in PE. To be monitored through lesson observations and use of Chris Quigley Milestones to track pupil progress. Higher achieving pupils to be identified and provided for as for other subjects.  Pupils are able to talk about their progress in PE and know what they need to do to improve. We would still like to continue to build teacher confidence in assessing progress in PE and ensureing that the most able make rapid progress.
Level 3 Forest School training for staff    Forest Schools learning to be rolled out to other classes; impact on behaviour as children rely on each other and share skills; contribution to British Values teaching; impact on writing for boys due to improved engagement. Forest Schools is now a part of the curriculum for two classes, contributing to literacy outcomes as well as developing outdoor skills and encouraging outdoor pursuits for all children.
Forest schools equipment: tools, fire pit, Kelly kettles etc.    As above.
Swimming tuition to enhance the provision of curricular swimming   Additional swimming provision to ensure that all children leave Year 6 able to swim 25 metres. This is still an area for development and will be carried forward into 2016-17.
Additional staffing to allow inclusion of children with SEN    All children to successfully participate in chosen sport on an equal basis. Staffing, plus advice from specialist organisations, has allowed full inclusion in extra-curricular sporting activities.
Dance tuition   Increase the range of activities offered and encourage children to take up activity out of school. All children have benefitted from good quality teaching and had the opportunity to perform in public as part of a large community event.
Increase outdoor sporting activities to include surfing    As above This is still an area for development.
Ultimate Soccer School to run an events preparation club.    Overcome barriers of location and widen participation. This is still an area for development.


 Sports Funding Report for 2014-15

Impact of funding for this year:  Lythe School achieved a Bronze quality mark in School Sports.Forest Schools is now well resourced and staff have been upskilled in basic forest teaching. The school has experienced success in sporting events, particularly football, cricket and rugby. Children have also had access to additional sports: tennis, cricket, dance and fitness through specialised coaches. Staff have good PE resources to support lessons and children have been trained as Skip 2B Fit leaders and taken charge of lunchtime provision of skipping. 

  • Paying into the Whitby Schools Sport Partnership. – Lythe pays into a partnership employing two SSCo’s through Caedmon College Whitby. The partnership allows children to receive external coaching and take part in inter school competition. £1500
  • Transport to events. Buses have been paid for allowing our children to participate in events. £2000
  • Courses:
  • ASA Level 2 primary swimming teacher qualification – The PE coordinator is now trained as a level 1 and 2 swimming teacher. He writes the swimming scheme of work and supports the other two level 1 teachers within school. This focus on swimming has led to the children’s increased swimming abilities and confidence.£200
  • Swimming Tuition and Lifeguards. £1300
  • Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain – Surf Coach Lifesaver. A member of staff is now trained to take children for surfing lessons using equipment and support from a nearby Outdoor Education Centre. This follows on from an RNLI Hit The Surf Campaign and links with the curriculums outdoor and adventuress learning.£550
  • RNLI Hit The Surf Campaign – Year 6 Children participate in the beach safety scheme.£50
  • External coaches;
  • Ultimate Soccer – offer qualified sports coaches in school (all sports) as well as running an after school football club on Fridays.£1400
  • Skip 2B Fit – Delivered 2 courses, one day was skipping and ‘boxercise’. One day was on developing the children’s leadership skills. The company also led staff development in running skipping and ‘boxercise’ sessions in school. The Children have really enjoyed these days, PE lessons are much more ‘active’ now and children are able to lead their own sessions through the leadership training.£900
  • OASES Outdoor Training – The whole staff received a training day introducing them to the practices of Forest Schools and Outdoor learning. This led to staff being enthusiastic and confident to take lessons outside. This will follow up with a member of staff being trained as a Level 3 Forest School Trainer and improved school outdoor areas.
  • Equipment;
  • A sports trolley was purchased to store new equipment bought through the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers and PE Premium money. This has allowed equipment to be easily transported and set up for each PE unit. Making the setting up of lessons easier.£460
  • Gymnastics Mats – 15 quality PE mats were bought to replace existing mats that were no longer fit for purpose. Improving the resources for Gymnastics.£690
  • Netball Posts – New netball posts were bought to replace the existing posts which were suffering from heavy rusting.£150
  • Skip 2B Fit Bag – A bag of quality skipping ropes with counters and supporting resources; music, posters, record sheets. Equipment to support teacher training and children’s leadership skills.£300
  • Trophies for Sports Stars of the week – Champions PE Stars of the week and inspires children to participate and achieve in PE.£10

The differences in costs have been covered in school by delegated budgets.


Previous Year

  • ASA Swimming. Two staff on Level 1 Courses. £400
  • British Gymnastics Association Intermediate Level Primary Coach – PE Coordinator (2 Day course with accommodation) Through this course the PE Coordinator delivered in school training to other staff, wrote a scheme of work. Audited Current gymnastic equipment. Gymnastics is now taught confidently and well in school. £800
  • Paying into the Whitby Schools Sport Partnership. – Lythe pays into a partnership employing two SSCo’s through Caedmon College Whitby. The partnership allows children to receive external coaching and take part in inter school competition. £1500
  • Transport to events. Buses have been paid for allowing our children to participate in events. £2000
  • New Sport kits – Football, Kits, Netball kits and bibs, School hoodies. Replacing out dated and poor quality sport uniforms. £850
  • External Coaching
  • Tennis Coaching – Local Tennis coach offering children extra PE Lessons £200
  • Ultimate Soccer – offer qualified sports coaches (all sports)  in school as well as running an after school football club on Fridays.£1400
  • RNLI Hit The Surf Campaign – Year 6 Children participate in the beach safety scheme.£50
  • PE Equipment;
  • Various balls, Kwik Stiks Hockey Set,£300

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